Soda Can Be Bad For Your TeethSoda can be extremely damaging, and most people don’t even know why. Even though there are a lot of different types of soda these days, some of which are made without the use of sugar, each of them have various ingredients that can hurt anything from your stomach and liver to your teeth.


The teeth are among the most severely affected. With regular soda, you can be sure that the high concentration of sugar and caffeine that some drinks contain, your teeth will have a lot to suffer. Moreover, the fact that the sugar in soda is in such a refined state that it can easily be absorbed by your tissue and affect both your teeth and your gums, shows that you really can’t underestimate this drink.


The main problem behind soda is that the sugar it contains actually combines with the bacteria that lives on your teeth and gums to generate acid, after you have a visit to your invisalign Lone Tree specialist, they will tell you, to make sure you are cleaning your apparatus after drinking a soda. That acid is what really attacks your teeth.


Despite lacking in sugar, diet soda is no better. Diet or “sugar-free” soda is known for having its own acid, which can effectively attack your teeth within a 20-minute window of the time you first began consuming it. Once you sip it again, it will continue attacking your teeth for another 20 minutes.

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