Important of Dental DevicesWith the advancement of modern technology, home dental care has also received a big boost in recent years. Among the most exciting dental care devices that dentists recommend for patients to buy and use at home is the oral irrigator. But what are oral irrigators anyway? Should you think about getting one for yourself?


An oral irrigator is a device that shoots jets of water in a pulse rhythm to help you get rid of plaque and food particles that might be lodged between your teeth. The intensity of the jet as well as the temperature can typically be adjusted to account for your specific dental conditions. Moreover, advanced devices also work without being connected to an external power source, and you can take them with you whenever you go on a trip.


According to a 2008 study, a 3-second treatment of 1,200 pulses per minute at a pressure of 70 psi can remove up to 99.9% of the plaque from your teeth. Moreover, oral irrigators are designed to improve gingival health due to their ability to remove particles that you can