Details matter, your details matter most.

A dental hygienist committed to delivering the Willow Creek Way experience will take note of both your needs and your wants. We provide you with the highest level of dental care with amenities that put you at ease during office visits. You might find Netflix, massaging chairs, or a laser that destroys harmful bacteria prior to a cleaning. We take the time to get to know our patients on a personal level and understand what they need to feel more at ease. This isn’t the latest customer service gimmick—it’s an ethos.

You know that feeling when a friend remembers just how you like your coffee? We are kind of like that friend, but we don’t stain your teeth.

Remembering a child’s wedding. Sending a wedding anniversary gift. Asking how retirement is going. Delivering medication to a patient’s doorstep. This is not the latest customer service gimmick; it’s the stuff that builds healthy relationships. We call it the Willow Creek Way ethos.

Dental practices that subscribe to the Willow Creek Way offer care that is personalized, consistent on every visit, and, most important, genuine. We’ll go ahead and admit it: we’re proud of making our clients’ holiday cards list and receiving gifts—souvenirs from foreign travels and bouquets of flowers—from patients as a result. But, gift or no gift, we treat you the same regardless.

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Looking for a new dental experience? There are several independently owned dental practices located in the Denver Metro area that follow the Willow Creek Way patient-dentist care principle. Drop us a note via the form below and the local office will contact you to schedule an appointment or set up a time for you to meet the dentist near you,get to know their staff, and learn about their services. It’s your opportunity to experience the Willow Creek Way firsthand.

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