We practice comprehensive dental care and we want to take care of our patients and our employees.

As part of the Willow Creek Way, we are working hard to ensure our patients and staff are safe in our practice. Be assured that we will be prepared to serve you in the safest manner possible by following the newest guidelines from the CDC. Read below to see what we are doing to keep our office safe.

EnviroShield Endure

Our practice has been treated with EnviroShield Endure, which kills viruses on contact for up to six months. Watch our video of the awesome EnviroShield team as they sanitize our office!

Medify Air Purifiers

We have Medify Air Purifiers with medical-grade air filters placed around our practice. Click through this gallery to see how we are integrating these air purifiers into our office!


Precautionary Measures

JanPro EnviroShield applied at all of our offices.​  

Medical Grade Medify Air Purifiers placed throughout the office.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all clinical team members:

  • Face Shields
  • Gowns 
  • Office Specific Footwear
  • N95 or Level 3 Surgical Masks
  • Surgical Caps