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Certified, Independent Dental Practices

Cathy A. Fermelia

Meet Dr. Cathy A. Fermelia
Lakewood, CO 80227


Dr. Jay R. Heim ~ Heim Dental in Highlands Ranch, CO

Heim Dental

Meet Dr. Jay Heim
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


Dr. Sarah Meyer ~ Meyer Dental, Centennial, CO

Meyer Dental

Meet Dr. Sarah Meyer
Centennial, CO 80121


Dr. Mary Blakeley and Doctors ~ Willow Creek Dental

Willow Creek Dental

Meet The Dentists
Lone Tree, CO 80124


The best Dental office I've ever been seen by! Kind and friendly staff. It is apparent they all take great pride in their patient's care and comfort. It is also obvious they go to great length to research and make available the best possible products and options. They do a great job of explaining your options in order to let you make an informed decision. I have and will continue to recommend.

Audra T., Meyer Dental Patient

No one likes going to the dentist, but since I have to go, I'm glad I've found Dr. Heim! Their office is so kind and professional. I feel like they have the most progressive technology and the nicest people to work with on my dental needs. I highly recommend this practice!

Melissa W., Heim Dental Patient

I've been coming here for 2 years now, and I love it! They are always so nice!! I had one experience that wasn't the greatest and let them know. They took it very seriously even though it wasn't the biggest of deals. They make sure you are comfortable and go above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service!

Amber J., Willow Creek Dental Patient

I have been met with kindness and professionalism since the moment I left my other dentist and went to Willow Creek Dental. I have already started referring friends, who also have thanked me for pointing out Willow Creek Dental.

Stewart C., Willow Creek Dental Patient

The staff at Heim Dental is very thorough and compassionate to my dental anxiety. Best teeth cleaning I've ever had!!

Sheyenne S., Heim Dental Patient

Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable and Always friendly and happy. Makes going to be the dentist so much more enjoyable!

Rhanee R., Meyer Dental Patient

Fantastic personal attention by such great professionals! Willow Creek Dental always treats me with care and respect! And they always make sure that there is no pain whatsoever! Love Willow Creek Dental!!

Debbie M., Willow Creek Dental Patient

Dr. Heim has been my family's primary dentist for years. I first visited Heim DDS when Dr. Heim operated out of an office in Glenwood Springs, CO. He has, recently, moved to an office location in Highlands Ranch, CO meaning that I have, subsequently, elected to make the trek to Denver so that I may continue to receive the 5-star services Dr. Heim and his team have to offer. Tooth be told... Dr. Heim is the best!

Lilly M., Heim Dental Patient

Wonderful experience. I am not a Dentist kind of gal and hate to go, but I will look forward to my next appointment with Dr. Sarah J Meyer, DDS. She was referred to me and I will refer her to others. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Carolyn C. Meyer Dental Patient

The dental services I am receiving are superior to any I've had in the past and I will continue with them plus recommend them to everyone who asks.

Greg Z., Willow Creek Dental Patient

Willow Creek Way: A Dental Game Changer

Reinventing the local dental-patient experience

What We Do

Willow Creek Way: We are focused on your oral health

Your oral health isn’t just our business – it’s yours, too.

A Willow Creek Way certified dentist empowers you with a clear understanding of your oral health. That way you can make an informed decision that works best for you. You expect your family doctor to share everything about your health with you even if it’s uncomfortable to hear. We believe you should expect the same from your dentist

Empowering patients with knowledge and a cool new toothbrush.

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Willow Creek Way: It's all about the patient

If you’re not happy, we’re definitely not happy.

A Willow Creek Way certified dental practice stands behind their work. They hold themselves to a higher standard to make sure you have an incredible dental experience. It’s a partnership. If you’re not satisfied, we step in, step up, and fix the problem.

We don’t shy away from “difficult”.

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Willow Creek Way : Delivering Your Dental Exprience

Details matter, your details matter most.

The Willow Creek Way is personalized, consistent, and, most important, genuine. We get it; a dentist visit might seem intimidating. That is why dental teams who practice the Willow Creek Way know who you are, what you enjoy doing, and what is important to you at the dental office. To us, you are not just a patient – you are our patient.

Do your hobbies matter to your dentist? They should.

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We Don't Judge | Willow Creek Way

Regardless how long it’s been, we don’t judge.

Life happens and you don’t go to the dentist. We get it. We promise we won’t give you that pursed-lip, raised-eyebrow kind of look you used to get from uptight adults when you were a kid. Scouts honor, we won’t judge. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and help get you back on track with your oral health.

Building healthy teeth and healthy relationships.

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Hello. We’d love to hear from you.

Looking for a new dental experience? There are several independently owned dental practices located in the Denver Metro area that follow the Willow Creek Way patient-dentist care principle. Drop us a note via the form below and the local office will contact you to schedule an appointment or set up a time for you to meet the dentist near you,get to know their staff, and learn about their services. It’s your opportunity to experience the Willow Creek Way firsthand.

What can we do for you? (Check all that apply.)

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