Your oral health isn’t just our business – it’s your business, too.

Dentists who follow the Willow Creek Way share everything about your dental situation with you, just like your family doctor does with your general health. As a patient, you will walk away with a 360-degree view of your oral condition. Whether it’s a root canal or a better way to hold your toothbrush, we empower you with the information and solutions you need to make the best choices for your overall dental health. We are proactive, we are your partner, and we take your oral health personally.

Expect experience and expertise, not a gimmick.

Who would you rather have work on your crown—someone who does one once a month or a team who specializes in it, makes it their craft, and knows exactly how it’s done because they do it every day? Dental practices that are part of the Willow Creek Way family are always improving: clinicians have been in the workforce for 10 years, on average; hygienists undergo rigorous training; and continuing education is a priority in all areas of dentistry, from office management to dental work. Expect your tongue as well as your pulse to be checked, in addition to several other screenings. The bottom line? Dentists who subscribe to the Willow Creek Way ethos are know-it-alls, without that annoying attitude. The only attitude you’ll get from us is one of competence, and the only thing we insist on is providing you with most comprehensive, best-personalized care you’ve ever experienced.

A dentist who is Willow Creek Way certified has access to ninja-like specialists and the latest technology—think digital X-rays, impression-free scanners, laser plaque removal, CEREC machines that build crowns in a day, in-house lab work, intraoral cameras, and more.

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Looking for a new dental experience? There are several independently owned dental practices located in the Denver Metro area that follow the Willow Creek Way patient-dentist care principle. Drop us a note via the form below and the local office will contact you to schedule an appointment or set up a time for you to meet the dentist near you,get to know their staff, and learn about their services. It’s your opportunity to experience the Willow Creek Way firsthand.

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