Looking after your dental health is paramount to preventing and identifying quickly any potential teeth or gum problems.

And if you think that brushing your teeth in a rush a couple of times a day is enough, then you might need to think again. This type of hurried and superficial oral health simply won’t cut it when it comes to achieving a healthy smile.

So, what exactly should you be doing to have, and maintain healthy teeth and be proactive before any serious issues arise?

Read this article to discover 8 of the best dental hygiene tips that you should start incorporating into your routine from today.

1. Brush Your Teeth the Right Way

To begin with, let’s address toothbrushing so that we can dispel any myths and provide you with the hard facts. The official advice by the ADA is to brush at least twice a day, for at least two minutes each time.

And while you’re brushing, you should use the following technique. Position your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums, and start brushing the outer teeth very gently. Do the same with the rest of the tooth surface, all the way to the back of your teeth.

When you are ready to brush the back of your front teeth, simply place the toothbrush in a vertical position and brush up and down. Once you are done, always remember to rinse your mouth as well as your toothbrush, and dry it completely before putting it away.

2. Make Flossing a Daily Habit

Ah, the eternal dilemma: to floss or not to floss? Flossing is one of those very useful, yet tedious tasks, that all dentists praise but only a few people actually perform religiously.

You should, however, make flossing a priority, as it enables you to remove extra debris from your teeth and gums in a way that brushing simply can’t. Make sure that you floss before you brush, and use the right size of floss for your teeth.

3. Consider Buying a Tongue Scraper

Have you ever heard of a tongue scraper? It’s a small dental tool that is used to deep clean your tongue. Think about it: your tongue is in constant close contact with your gums, teeth, and other parts of your mouth.

This means that any germs and bacteria present on your tongue can easily spread to the rest of your mouth, unless you clean your tongue, too. You can achieve this by using a tongue scraper.

4. Check That Your Toothpaste Contains Fluoride

You might have heard contradictory opinions on fluoride, but despite its relatively bad rep, this substance is fundamental to prevent tooth decay. So, whatever flavor or brand of toothpaste you choose, make sure it contains fluoride.

5. Remember to Do a Mouthwash Rinse at Least Once a Day 

Using mouthwash is not only helpful to maintain a nicer, more pleasant breath. It also works very well to reduce the level of acid in your mouth, re-mineralize your teeth, and clean areas of your mouth that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. 

6. Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

Are you still using your old, regular toothbrush? Make the swap right away and pick a good-quality electric toothbrush. Upgrading to an electric toothbrush is a much better way to ensure that your teeth are deeply cleaned and that bacteria is removed from all over your mouth.

7. Curb Your Sugar, Caffeine, and Alcohol Intake

This is a very important piece of advice, as it doesn’t just apply to dental hygiene but to overall health. Making sure that you don’t consume large amounts of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol is essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

In a similar way, not smoking is also crucial to enjoy fresher breath and healthier, stronger teeth.

So, what if you can’t live without your morning latte, or if that Saturday evening glass of wine is a much-deserved little treat to round off the week The answer is: remember to brush your teeth afterward.

And not only that: you also need to make sure that you wait the right amount of time before you brush. Finishing your coffee or your Pinot Noir and then running to the bathroom to scrub your pearly whites isn’t the wisest idea. This is because you will end up damaging and weakening your enamel, as well as staining your teeth.

Instead, wait a little bit longer, and sip plenty of water in the meantime. When at least half an hour has passed, you can finally go about your dental hygiene routine as usual.

8. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Last but, of course, not least, you should remember to visit your trusted dentist with regularity. This means at least once a year for a general check-up, and twice a year for a hygienist appointment. 

Easy Dental Hygiene Tips to Enjoy a Great and Healthy Smile

Maintaining good oral hygiene and enjoying beautiful, healthy teeth is easy with our dental hygiene tips. Make sure that you follow each one of them, and you will be well on your way to ensuring great oral health for life.

From knowing how, when, and with what you should brush your teeth, to using a tongue scraper, from cutting down on certain foods to visiting your dentist frequently, great dental health is within everyone’s reach.

Do you need to book your next dental appointment? Then, call the team at Willow Creek Way today, and we will be delighted to find the slot that works best for you.