Did you know that there are almost 2,000 general dental practices in Colorado? Even when you narrow down on Denver and the surrounding areas, there’s still a huge number of practices to choose from.

While having plenty of choices is certainly great, it can be overwhelming to sort through. Not to mention, it can be quite a hassle as well. Unfortunately, some people have to go through trial and error multiple times to find the perfect dentist for them.

Are you looking for a “dentist near me” and want to do it efficiently? Then you’ll want to keep reading. We’ll show you how to choose a local dentist that best suits your needs.

Talk With Your Friends and Family

One of the best places to start is by talking with your local friends and family. It’s pretty much a given that they keep up with their oral hygiene by regularly visiting a dentist, so they’re bound to have some great recommendations.

You can also sit down with them and ask as many questions as you want. If you have special dental needs or have extreme dental anxiety, then you’ll want to make sure that the professional you choose can accommodate these things.

Another perk of speaking with your close social circle is they can also tell you who to avoid. Maybe it’s a dental assistant who poked and prodded their mouth roughly or maybe it’s a dentist who ignored everything they were saying. Whatever the reason, you should heed these warnings and put these practices on the “do not go” list.

Take a Look at Patient Reviews

The internet has many review sites where you can check out patient reviews. In fact, all you need to do is type “dentist near me” into Google and it’ll show you all dentists near you on their map. You’ll instantly see their overall patient reviews, business hours, address, and phone number.

So take some time to go over these patient reviews and see what people have to say. For instance, if you have dental anxiety, then it’s an outstanding sign if lots of patients say a particular dentist was compassionate and patient. On the other hand, if you see people say a dentist was rude, abrupt, and callous, you’ll want to avoid that practice.

These patient reviews can be a great way to verify whether or not your social circle has given you good recommendations.

Check for Board Certifications

Dentists are just as much medical professionals as doctors are. After all, they say your oral health is a look into your overall health.

So you need to make sure that when you’re looking at dentists nearby, they’re board-certified. You can easily check this by visiting the site for the American Board of Dental Specialties (ABDS). You can then double-check that the dentists you’re looking at have current state licenses.

Look for Experience

In general, the more years of experience a professional has in their industry, the better. Not only does this mean they’ve had more time to hone their skills, but it also means they’ve provided fantastic customer service that keeps their patients coming back.

For example, we at Willow Creek Way have been in business for over 22 years and have served thousands of happy patients. We’ve delivered such excellent services that we have a network of 5 practices in total that serve the Denver area.

Don’t Forget About the Location

Sometimes, you’ll findĀ the perfect dentist but then realize they’re miles out of the way. In that case, you’ll have to consider whether or not it’s worth the drive, especially if you have a family that’s always busy with activities.

For example, maybe little Suzie goes to soccer practice a few times a week after school. In this case, you want to find a dental office that’s near either her school or the soccer field.

Or maybe you commute to work. So you’ll either want to find a dental office near your office or home, depending on how you want to schedule your visits.

On that note, check the practice’s business hours as well. If you want to schedule appointments for after work, then you need to make sure they’re actually open then.

Visit the Dental Office if Possible

Once you’ve found the best dentists nearby, go visit them. Think of this as a test run.

For one, you can see how easy it is to get to and from the dental practice. In theory, Google Maps might say it’s a short drive away. But you might realize that there’s an intersection with an impossible light to get through or their parking lot is difficult to navigate and find a parking spot in.

When you step into the waiting room, take note of how clean it is and how the receptionist greets you (if they even do). First impressions are very important, so if you don’t get a good impression, go with your gut feeling.

Depending on how busy it is, you might get an opportunity to speak with the dentist and even tour the premises. If you get this chance, then make sure to observe how they treat you and how the dental office is run. If you don’t feel comfortable with it at all, then don’t feel guilty about moving onto the next option on your list.

Find a “Dentist Near Me” With Our Advice

Now that you’ve read this article, finding a “dentist near me” will be all that much simpler!

Not only that, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the dental office you choose will be compassionate, friendly, and skilled as well. We at Willow Creek Way fit all those criteria and more. So you can trust that we’ll take good care of you and your family!

Are you ready to see a Willow Creek Way dentist? Then book an appointment now. We’ll help you find the right dentist for you!