Ahh, the dreaded dentist. No one really likes to pay their dentist a visit, but dealing with unhealthy teeth can make your self-confidence and well-being take a serious nosedive.

Thankfully, your dentist has tons of tricks up his or her sleeve that can help your teeth make a full comeback so you can look your best. 

Check out these nine ways your dentist can help you make sure that your teeth are healthy so you can smile in confidence again.

1. Regular Cleanings

With regularly scheduled cleanings, your dentist can keep your mouth looking and feeling clean and healthy. Ideally, you should schedule a check-up and cleaning every six months for best results.

The dentist will remove excess plaque and look for any potential cavities or other damage. They may also perform an X-ray of your teeth to see if any of them are damaged or cracked.

2. Your Dentist Can Easily Spot Unhealthy Teeth

When you visit the dentist, they’ll perform a close examination of your teeth. Even if you’re not in pain or don’t see any cavities, their job is to find the issue before it gets out of control.

With a dental visit, you’ll be able to find and correct problems before it’s too late. Make sure you have regular exams for this very reason so your dentist can identify any trouble teeth as soon as possible.

3. You’ll Get Whiter Teeth

Modern dentistry is amazing, and there are plenty of products and procedures available to patients so they can get a whiter smile. If you’re self-conscious about the color of your teeth, ask your dentist about whitening treatments.

At-home treatments are effective for a short time, but professional whitening will last a lot longer. These treatments are also much more effective and will give you a brand-new white smile.

4. They’ll Help You Combat Gum Disease

Aside from the health of your teeth, the health of your gums plays a big role in good oral care. Your dentist will look at the current state of your gums and look for any red flags.

Red or swollen gums and gums that bleed often are both signs that you could have some form of gum disease. The dentist will identify the problem and then give you the necessary steps and treatment to correct it for a healthier mouth.

5. Your Overall Health May Improve

You might be surprised to know that the state of your teeth and gums are indicators of other potential health problems. Everything from anemia and diabetes to cancer or HIV can present themselves in an oral exam.

Visit your dentist for a thorough examination, and they should be able to pinpoint any possible issues just by looking at your mouth. With good preventative care, you can ensure that you stay healthy in every way.

Some patients may not even be aware that they have certain diseases until they visit their dentist. That’s why it’s so important to get regular check-ups both with your dentist and your primary care doctor.

6. You’ll Get Good Advice

Maybe you didn’t realize that chewing on ice was wreaking havoc on your teeth. Your dentist can give you some great advice about the things you should and shouldn’t do in order to maintain healthy teeth.

From what foods to avoid to which habits are the best for oral health, your dentist is a wealth of information. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice or ask any questions you may have about your teeth.

Simple changes in eating habits and lifestyle can demonstrate a marked improvement in the health of your teeth and gums.

7. They Will Correct Serious Dental Problems

Whether it’s an abscessed tooth or crooked teeth, your dentist has the tools and the skills to fix the issue. If the problem is cosmetic and you feel self-conscious about your uneven teeth, don’t be afraid to ask what you can do to fix it.

There’s no reason that you should be in pain as a result of a dental issue. Be open and honest with your dentist and tell them about any problems you might be dealing with.

A good dentist knows exactly what to do to fix any problems so you can enjoy life again. They can correct the issue or refer you to an oral surgeon if the problem is severe.

8. Dentists Can Teach You Better Brushing Habits

Brushing and flossing is a part of our daily routine, but how do you know if you’re doing it right? Your dentist can give you some great pointers on the best ways to brush and floss.

When you brush your teeth properly, you should get whiter, healthier teeth over time. Ask your dentist to demonstrate the best ways to brush and floss as well as go over the best times to do so.

9. Your Self-Confidence Will Skyrocket

When you have unhealthy teeth, it can make your confidence level plummet. With regular visits to the dentist, you’ll likely start feeling better about yourself again.

As a result, regular dental cleanings and check-ups should help you begin to feel much more confident about your smile. Ask about enamel treatments and other ways you can start to rebuild your oral health for a much happier life and a better appearance.

Your Dentist Is Your Ally

Even if going to the dentist is the last thing you want to do with your free time, it’s important to see them on a regular basis. When you have unhealthy teeth, it can affect everything from your looks to your quality of life.

Ease your fear of the dentist by contacting us today and scheduling an appointment so you can enjoy a brighter, whiter, and healthier smile.