Halitosis is not fun for anyone who has it, nor for anyone who encounters that person within close distance.

When someone has bad breath, everyone they speak to knows it. The person who is afflicted can see it in the eyes of their friends and acquaintances and in the quick reactions of the people they meet. Chronic bad breath can affect how others treat you, can keep you from getting the things you want in life, and can reflect back on your negatively in so many ways.

If you have halitosis, it’s embarrassing. It makes you feel dirty on the inside and the outside. It can steal your confidence when you need it most and can keep you from achieving all that you deserve.

Fortunately, there are ways to cure chronic bad breath, and many of them are natural remedies you may already have at home.  These natural remedies for bad breath will save the day and will help you to regain confidence and respect.

Read on to learn more about the causes of it, and how to stop it in its tracks – before it gets worse.

Halitosis Defined

Halitosis is so much more than just bad breath. Everyone gets bad breath once in a while – it’s natural. Most of us experience it daily upon awakening or realize that we could ward off some vampires with our breath after eating some especially garlicky pizza.

Occasional bad breath is not halitosis. Instead of happening on fairly predictable and rare occasions, halitosis is almost always there. It is chronic and it never seems to go away.

No matter what you ate, no matter how much you brushed your teeth, and no matter what time of day it is, halitosis is always underlying and is always present somewhere inside your mouth – until you take the steps to determine its cause and then eradicate it.

Potential Causes of Halitosis

There are a number of things that can cause halitosis. Although it can be caused by our personal habits, it is more often the result of a medical issue.  If you are suffering from halitosis, it is important that you see a doctor to help you determine the cause if you truly wish to eradicate it from your life forever.


People who smoke often have bad breath from smoking itself. However, tobacco users also are susceptible to gum disease, and this can quickly cause halitosis.

Acid Reflux/GERD

If you eat a lot of foods that give you heartburn or indigestion, it may result in an obvious bad breath odor as the foods break down in your body.

Poor Dental Hygiene

People who don’t brush or floss their teeth or who skip dentist appointments for may years should not be surprised when they experience bad breath. Bacteria grow rapidly in the moist cavity of our mouths. If it isn’t cleared away on a regular basis, halitosis can take over.


Halitosis can be a side effect of some medications. If you find this to be the case with something that has been prescribed to you and it concerns you, talk to your doctor about an alternative.

Dry Mouth

Some of the medications that cause halitosis do so because they cause dry mouth. Or, some people experience chronic dry mouth due to other conditions. In either case, the reduction of saliva production magnifies the bad breath smell because the small quantity of saliva is inadequate to clean the mouth interior.

Mouth Infections

Halitosis can also be caused by infections in the mouth. If you have had oral surgery, or need it due to a condition such as an abscessed tooth, and it gets infected, your breath will project the scent of that infection outward into the word wherever you go.

No matter what you believe the cause of your bad breath is, you should see a dentist immediately to confirm or deny your theory. He or she may not know the cause right away, but if it does not appear to be dental, you will be referred to a doctor to find out more.

Seven Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

In the meantime, you can treat your halitosis with a number of home remedies. All of the following solutions will either already exist in your home or will be easily obtainable in your town.

1. Cloves, Fennel, or Anise

People have been using fennel, cloves, and anise seeds for thousands of years to freshen their breath. You will be amazed by what a difference chewing a few of these tiny seeds can make in your mouth.

2. Citrus or Citrus Peels

Any kind of citrus fruit will stimulate saliva production in your mouth. Increased saliva will help to wash away bacteria and resulting bad breath. Whether you eat an orange or chew on some lemon peels, this is a quick solution to bad breath smell.

3. Herbs

Chewing on a few leaves of parsley, basil, mint, or cilantro will freshen your breath. The high amounts of chlorophyll in these plants will help to freshen and reset your halitosis and any bad tastes you may be experiencing.

4. Baking Soda

If you mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda and use it as a mouthwash, you will be impressed by the results. It doesn’t taste great, but it will do the trick. The pH level of the baking soda will help to neutralize the acids in your mouth, resulting in fresher breath.

5. Tongue Scraping

You may not realize it, but a film is always building up on your tongue, and it can cause bad breath. You can use a toothbrush to remove it when you brush, but scraping your tongue is often more effective. A spoon will work for this purpose, but if you find that you benefit, you may want to buy a scraper specific to the tongue.

6. Yogurt

The healthy bacteria in yogurt, lactobacillus, can help you to fight halitosis, by combatting the bad bacteria in your digestive system. One study showed that after eating yogurt for six weeks, 80% of study participants had a reduction in bad breath. One serving of plain, non-fat yogurt today can do wonders.

7. Green Tea

Green tea can temporarily refresh bad breath, and it’s tasty, too. Add some mint to your tea and you can enjoy two different halitosis solutions at once.

Don’t Let Bad Breath Define You

If you’re suffering from bad breath, there are both long and short term solutions to your problem. Your dentist or doctor will be able to help, but in the meantime, these natural remedies for bad breath should tide you over.

Soon, you will be able to overcome this affliction and will be able to go back to living the confident, comfortable, and social life you remember from before. No one should have to live with bad breath. You can beat this.