Dental fear is a common problem with an estimated 75% of American adults experience some level of dental fear and anxiety. Of that 75%, approximately 9-15% have a dental phobia, however, the thought of a dental visit is terrifying. Dental anxiety and phobia are extremely common and can lead to serious oral health issues because these Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. (Source American Dental Association)

If you experience some level of dental fear, anxiety or have dental phobia, then going to a dentist that believes and delivers the Willow Creek Way will help you manage the stress you’re feeling. The Willow Creek Way is about you and your individual needs to feel comfortable, relaxed, and anxiety-free during your visits at one of our certified dental offices.

Bring your Headset

Your phone is more than likely packed with your favorite music, audiobooks or podcasts. Either bring your headset to your appointment, or the location can provide them so you can listen while you