Talk With Your Child About Proper Dental CareIt is about only four minutes each day, but the two minutes your child brushes their teeth each morning and evening are some of the most important aspects of preventing dental problems. Therefore, it is important to talk to your child and transmit the right message.

At first, you will need to be very involved in the child’s oral care. Learning to brush their teeth properly is extremely important even at a very young age, so that later in life they are able to smile freely and avoid unpleasant treatments at the Lakewood dental office.

Until the age of six, you will have to play a very active role in your child’s dental brushing habits.

For optimum results, start right from the apparition of the first tooth. While the child is little, even if it is you who clean their teeth, you can still encourage them to imitate you. This way, they begin to form the skills to keep the toothbrush correctly and to perform the necessary brushing moves.

As the child grows, talk to him/ her about the fact that beautiful and healthy teeth help us feel more confident and they are involved in our overall health. Explain the importance of having a fresh breath, show pictures of beautiful teeth and ugly teeth and make the child understand the consequences of neglecting oral hygiene.