a family dentist

A family dentist is one who cares for your whole family. We all love and value our family more than anything. It’s vital to do some background research when searching for a family dentist. 

In Denver, Colorado, there are many options for dentistry. You might settle for a pediatric dentist for the kiddos and an adult dentist for yourself. You’ll need to do more research, so why not settle on a family dentist?  

We’re going to give you all the information you need to find the right family dentist near you. Follow these tips to get a great family dentist. Someone that’ll keep your families teeth sparkling for a lifetime! 

A Family Dentist That Covers All the Bases

Do you have a teenage that’ll need to have their wisdom teeth removal surgery? You might think about finding a family dentist that partners with a surgeon. There are also some family dentists with accreditation for surgical procedures. 

A family dentist may not put you under general anesthesia for the extraction of wisdom teeth, but the cost is more affordable. Finding the right family dentist is about considering what your family needs. Think about every member of your family. 

Ask yourself these questions about dental history: 

  • Does anyone in your family complain about dental pain? This may suggest a series of issues like gingivitis or cavities. Finding a dentist that has experience with fillings would be a great choice. 
  • Do you have very young children? Note your age range. There are different procedures for a child dental cleaning visit than for an adult. That’s because the size of teeth vary and have greater depth. 
  • Is anyone in your family super afraid of going to the dentist? This will be important when choosing the right office setting. A dentist that is too busy may frighten an already scared patient. 
  • Will you need any specialties? This would include any extra services like dentures, teeth whitening, or cosmetic dentistry.

Fleshing out the details for what you need and are looking for will save you time during your search. This will also help you pinpoint the exact professional that will fulfill all your needs. 

Settling on a Family Dentist

Have you done the research and found the right fit? Great, but there’s more you’ll need to consider before calling to make an appointment. The most important thing to research when settling on a dentist is accreditation. 

Do they have the appropriate education, certification, and license? Dentists need a dentist medical license card to practice dentistry. This license certifies that they have completed and passed all their training.

The United States or state of residence lays out as standard care for each dentist. This ensures that patients are in good hands and receive excellent quality care. After all, your teeth are valuable and irreplaceable. 

We all want only the best to be working on our teeth, right? That’s why we recommend checking out their website beforehand. You can also call their front desk for background information. 

About Us” will show an image of a dentist with biographic information to help encourage you to make an appointment. Double-check that they specific they’re a family dentist.

Check Reviews

Before you schedule your first appointment with a new family doctor, check out their online reviews. They may social media pages or a GoogleMyBusiness online. Online reviews can also be on display on company websites.

Choose a dentist that is transparent, and willing to show all. It’s a good sign if your dentist is willing to show you what other patients have to say. Don’t be afraid to do a little digging. 

Good reviews are an excellent sign. Try asking around if anyone has experience with this office or dentist. Reviews are a great indicator on the quality care. For some, it’s also a great tool for learning about the office setting. 

All medical practices, including dentistry, needs a sanitary area to operate well. If you made an appointment, but do not feel comfortable or safe, leave. It’s better to pay a cancellation fee than run the risk of infection. 

Verifying Coverage With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are a pain, no doubt. But, they will be carrying most the bill for the visits you make to your dentist. It’s vital to check that your dentist is within your network.  

If not, going to the dentist can get to be very expensive. Most root canals are within the thousands for most offices. Insurance is what helps make the cost more manageable. 

You can find the perfect dentist anywhere. But, coverage is another box they need to tick on your checklist before making an appointment. If you’re not sure if your top choice is in your network, give the office a call. 

Some have this information on their website also. The best choice is to call the insurance company. Talking to the direct company is the right way to get the answers you’re looking for. 

This would also be a great time to ask about different procedures like cosmetic or necessary. Some insurance companies have exclusions on their coverage. For example, they’ll cover cavities, but not teeth whitening. 

Before scheduling the first exam, be sure to get the finances in order so there are no unfortunate surprises later on. 

We’d Love To Help 

Finding a family dentist can feel intimidating. If you’re afraid of the dentist, we understand your pain. Many people get nervous when they have to find a replacement to do their dental work. 

It can be hard to trust someone you’ve never met, but we want to make it easy. That’s why we display our reviews for all to see. Let these words be of wisdom when you venture into our office.  

The best part is that every new patient will get a complimentary electronic Sonicare toothbrush for their first exam! That’s a deal you can’t miss out on. Remember that brushing twice a day, and flossing is the best way to keep your teeth happy!