School Sports Season Practicing a sport during childhood is one of the most important activities. But as a parent, you cannot ignore the risks of injury associated with it, so you must look for ways to prevent possible injuries.

What can you do to help your child enjoy the sport season and protect his teeth from sport injuries?

  1. Wearing a protective helmet and silicone guards

Silicone guards are suitable for any dental size because they can be adapted to the child’s teeth after soaking them in hot water. They should be worn during training and matches to prevent teeth fractures and gum injuries and trips to the dentist in Lakewood.

  1. Hydration

Many of the sports are extremely demanding and require high water consumption in order to prevent dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, the amount of saliva is low, which favors the development of bacteria and caries.

  1. Avoiding energizing drinks, because they have a demineralizing effect on dental enamel.


Special measures in the case of wearing braces

If the child undergoes an orthodontic treatment and wears braces, it is recommended that these are removed from the mouth during the training or matches and kept in their special recipient. Mouth hitting while wearing braces can result in lip injury, broken brackets or even tooth fracture..