Check up On Loose Baby ToothOne important stage in the life of your kid is the loss of milk teeth. Did you know that the first tooth that falls from the 20 that appear until the age of 3 is the one who appeared first? In most cases the order of their fall is the same as in the case of their apparition.

Most of the time, the tooth does not tend to fall until it is pushed by the permanent tooth which is about to erupt. However, there are also situations when the milk tooth falls and the permanent tooth appears only later, especially if the child has some dental problems. In such situations, the dentist may use a special spacer to make room for the one struggling to grow. This avoids problems with teeth spacing.

Typically, milk teeth begin to fall around the age of 4 and may keep falling until the age of 7. The wonderful Highlands Ranch dentistry specialists agree that milk teeth tend to fall sooner if they appeared at a younger age. Do not hesitate to go to a dental check if you notice that milk teeth fall before your child is four years old, or are still in place after the age of 7.